Did you know Randell makes Extra Terrestrial Sized Rails?

Raised Rails on Pizza Prep Units are NOT one-size-fits-all! Different operations can benefit from MORE or LESS mise en place and the subsequent rail size and reach-in storage space underneath.


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Take Your Kitchen Outside

PFS is pleased to partner with Crown Verity.   Bringing commercial kitchens to the outdoors.

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Ciao, Marra Forni! Meet the most customizable brick oven on the market.

Premier Foodservice Solutions is proud to now represent Marra Forni for Michigan an Indiana.  Marra Forni is the fastest growing brick oven manufacture in the world!  They are also proud winners of two Kitchen Innovation awards for their Rotator Brick Ovens.  The Rotator Brick Oven can make 250 pizzas per hour.

“Our Marra Forni oven has a deck rotating around the fire which allows for a more uniform bake and less manual error that a traditional wood-fired oven…. That’s been the key to fast growth: not needing someone that’s very technically trained on running the oven.”

Sean Brauser, CEO of PizzaFire

Get in touch to find out more!


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BSI Designs

BSI Designs

From the BSI Designs home page,

“Quite simply, we bring style and functionality to the servery. We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom-fabricated stainless food service equipment.”

This month I hade the great fortune to take a trip to Denver and meet with the amazing team at BSI. What makes BSI so amazing, I will tell you.

As they told me, there are tons of stainless fabricators and custom millwork shops, several companies that do refrigeration, and a few food guard companies, but only one company that can do it all. Continue reading →

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