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BSI Designs

From the BSI Designs home page,

“Quite simply, we bring style and functionality to the servery. We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom-fabricated stainless food service equipment.”

This month I hade the great fortune to take a trip to Denver and meet with the amazing team at BSI. What makes BSI so amazing, I will tell you.

As they told me, there are tons of stainless fabricators and custom millwork shops, several companies that do refrigeration, and a few food guard companies, but only one company that can do it all.

We’re talking nose to toes when it comes to your food servery needs. Floor troughs, counters, millwork counters, stone fabrication, sinks, chef’s tables, food guards, cladding, refrigeration, and even signage: It’s all under one roof.  And they do it better than anyone in the business.

Some of the things I saw on my visit that make them stand out:

  1. Quality Control: Along every step of the production, projects are checked a minimum of two times to ensure a project does not progress to the next step unless it is right. What does that mean to you as a customer? Timely construction as a project does not get to final inspection before shipping and then they find out that something does not meet the quality in step one.
  2. They manufacture and install their own lights and heat lamps. This means that your lighting and heating on your guard will look like a seamless unit and not an afterthought. The color on their LED light is also more consistent so food looks the same from one service area to the next. They also ship these out as a preassembled and wired unit, saving on install costs, and reducing install time.
  3. They think outside the Box. They treat every customer as an individual with specific needs. It is not a here is our product catalog choose what we make. On the contrary, it is what do you want to accomplish with your food service needs, and BSI will design and build it. Want your company or school logo displayed? BSI can do it. Want a different finish? BSI can do it. Want a unique one of a kind servery? BSI will design a server specific to your project and it won’t end up looking like every other food service project.
  4. Their servery lines are sent out prewired and tested at the factory with one single point of hook up of mechanicals. Again, what does that mean to the customer? Savings on install costs, reduced install times, and an overall neater and cleaner routing of the mechanicals.
  5. With the Contoura line of counters the customer gets stainless frame-built sections that are then clad with the finish and top of their choosing. This means you can change cladding and counters at any time as they are not a structural component of the cabinet. Also, by building out of stainless, these counters are built to last and will endure many years of service. Contoura affords you the flexibility of custom, with faster lead times, less drawing reviews, unmatched fit and finish and faster installs at the jobsite.
  6. The quality and durability of their stainless work is far and above some of the best I have seen. This also correlates to an integrated and cohesive look to all of your stainless. Not a piece meal approach of different gauges, finish, and design.
  7. With all the product offerings at BSI, they are your one stop shop when it comes to your server and stainless needs.

Lastly, if you want your food servery to stand out, then you need BSI Designs.


Check them out at:

Or contact us with any project needs or questions.

And as they say at BSI, “We cover you nose to toes for your foodservice needs”


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